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George Edelstien

Position: Color Documentation Supervisor

A new jersey native with extensive experience in the paint and coating industries. Georges color formulation expertise spans over 30 years in the laboratory and at the manufacturing site. Georges positions include development of new colors, value engineering of prototypes, overall quality control of processed goods and providing technical support.


Ryan Jones

Position: Customer Support Associate

A south carolina native with over 20 years of customer support experience. Ryans positions include customer order processing, secondary color documentation support and transporation/logistics oversite.


Deborah Millar

Position: Human Resources, General Manager and Vice President

An illinois native with over 30 years of human resources and general manager experience. Deborah’s positions include oversite of all internal “day to day” operations, the human resources department and all functions relating to the office of vice president.


Peter Millar

Position: Sales and President

An illinois native with over 30 years of sales experience. Peter’s positions include oversite of all external “day to day” sales operations, oversite of distribution and all functions relating to the office of president.


Robert Lebaron

Position: Research and Development, National Sales

A new york native with over 35 years of paint and coatings experience. Having held positions in manufacturing and sales, Robert’s duties include development of new products and processes, value engineering, color documentation support and oversite of national sales.


Jennifer Cook

Position: Office Manager

A west coast native with over ten years of management, customer service and purchasing experience.  Jennifers duties include the over-site of daily activities of the operation as general manager, formulating and implementation of policies and procedures, and the preparing of manufacturing schedules.


Yakub Duncan

Position: Shipping and Receiving

A south carolina native with over ten years of shipping and receiving experience. Yakub positions include warehouse goods processing and overseeing the daily operations of the shipping and receiving departments.


James Martinez

Position: Product Batch Processor

A lone star state native with over ten years of batch processing experience. James positions include quality control of raw materials, product batch manufacturing and product packaging operations.

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